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Our Relationship Managers are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of advice and personal support. They are able to call upon expertise of the Faramond Group's sister companies, as well as that of our strategic partners, to offer you a broad range of financial products and services, and will work with you to develop a wealth management strategy to help you meet your personal objectives.

An intelligent asset allocation will be at the heart of the personal wealth management strategy you develop with your Relationship Manager, and on-going monitoring and financial analysis of this strategy will help to assure that it responds to changes in personal circumstances or in market conditions.

Our Relationship Managers have been through thorough training and adhere vehemently to the Faramond "Corporate Guidelines and Ethical Standards". The corporate culture is at the forefront of their development as professionals and individuals and they are therefore dedicated to serving you with total commitment and integrity.

Furthermore, our "Quality, Development and Improvement" program encourages a continuous learning and development process, and helps to ensure that your Relationship Manager keeps his "finger on the pulse" of an ever-changing investment world.

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