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Group Life Insurance

In the event of the unexpected death of an employee, Group Life Insurance will help to protect their loved ones. If an employee’s family is largely (or wholly) dependent on their income, then life insurance is a valuable and vital part of the benefits that you can offer.

The truth is that when you provide your employees with life insurance it is their loved ones that you are really insuring. The correct insurance cover will make sure that the family is cared for in your employee’s absence.

We can also assist in reviewing your current provisions because as your company grows and evolves, so too will the needs of your employees (as a group)  likely change. How would your current arrangements be affected if an employee marries, has children or is relocated? Any of these routine events may necessitate a new approach to your existing insurance planning.

If your company would like to review your existing arrangements, or discuss how offering group life insurance can benefit your organisation, then please contact us at for information on how we can help.

Our Group Benefits Managers will help you to assess the level of cover that your company requires, as well as the type of life insurance that is best suited to your company's circumstances.
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